One of the most common fears people have living in Tucson is that there may be some unwanted pests living in their homes. This is an understandable fear, this is the desert after all. They may hear scratching and pitter-pat sounds of something moving around in their ceilings and wall voids. There may be droppings and or odors. Perhaps something is growing out of the ceiling. For more tips please continue reading some of the not so obvious clues that may need a professional’s attention.

Top Signs that You Need to Call a Pest Management Professional

  • Noises in the Night – Rodents are most active at night. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to be laying in bed and start hearing something scratching in the wall voids or the cute sounds of small paws running back and forth in the ceiling. They might be cute but they have no respect for your home and will cause damage. They don’t even use the toilet let alone put the seat down. That’s when the odors come out to say hi. It’s time to call Horn Pest Management.
  • Droppings! “I Swore I Cleaned That Up Yesterday” – Not all pest and rodent droppings are created equally. Some are large and some are small. The one true thing is that they will keep coming back after being swept up if the source is not addressed. If this sounds familiar it’s time to call Horn Pest Management.
  • Ant Mounds Multiplying? – A common mistake homeowners make is treating ants on their own. I hear it all the time, “The guy at Home Depot said all I had to do is spray this stuff. Now we have more mounds than ever before.” There are hundreds of different ant species and they react differently to certain products. Using the wrong product on an ant mound will actually split the colony and leave you with two mounds. Repeating this process exasperates the issue and becomes a Hamster Wheel (pun intended). To avoid this call Horn Pest Management.
  • Something Growing Out Of The Ceiling? – A string-like, tube-like dirt substance hanging from the ceiling or clinging to the wall or climbing up your foundation? You’ve brushed it off only for it only to reappear? These are not Arizona Dust Bunny’s, these are the signs of Subterranean Termites and must be addressed by a professional. Please call Horn Pest Management.

Pest Management Professionals are here to help and love protecting our fellow citizen’s health and wellbeing. We were deemed “ESSENTIAL” by the all mighty government during the Pandemic. If they can trust us, you can too!

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