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Bee Removal

Bee Removal

While bees do serve the sole purpose of pollinating plants and providing nutrients to your garden, an infestation of bees on your property can be a hassle. When a massive population of bees makes their way onto your property, it can impact your property’s usability in various areas. Bees don’t have any particular place that they like to hide or nest in; they can overtake your power box, pipes, trees, and various other areas.

To solve the problem of a bee infestation on your property, you first need to identify where their main hive is. To prevent bees from creating hives on your property, to begin with, you need to protect all of the most vulnerable areas they’re known to target.

Regardless of what solution is best for you, you should never attempt to remove giant beehives from your property alone without experience. At Horn Pest Management, our team has over 21 years of experience in the bee removal industry.

With advanced equipment and thorough training, our bee removal technicians will handle virtually any problem you’re facing.

Mitigating Bees On Your Property

There are several different types of bee species in existence; the most common ones on residential properties are honey bees. Other bees like African bees carry a higher risk of being stung or injured when faced in large groups. So, it’s essential to distinguish between the various species to ensure the correct treatment solution is applied.

Bees gravitate to dark places near wood or other materials that facilitate an area for hive formation. Before beginning the removal process, our team will conduct a thorough analysis of your property. Doing so allows us to find out where bees are infesting your home most so we can tailor our removal approach to gain maximum results.

After the inspection is complete, we’ll use a variety of techniques to remove all beehives from your property effectively. Removing bees from your property isn’t the difficult part; the hard part is keeping them away. Preventative methods to prevent bees from forming hives around your property are the most powerful solution to any bee infestation.

Here are some places you should consider sealing off around your property to stop the formation of hives:


  • Crawl Spaces
  • Wall Voids
  • Attics
  • Unused Appliances Or Equipment
  • Abandoned Vehicles

These are all prevalent entry points for bees and the formation of hives; our team will be able to seal off any areas of your home that meet the perfect conditions for bees to build honeycombs.

Once we’re finished, your home will be protected from bee infestations for a long time.

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All of our bee removal services come backed by a 100% service guarantee and warranty protection. We offer affordable prices on all of our bee removal services to get the exact assistance you need without spending a fortune. If you’re interested in our bee removal services and would like a free estimate, fill out the “request a free inspection” form located on our website.

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