Special Services

Oh, poop!

Pigeon Poop!

Pigeon Poop! Not only nasty, but dangerous. HPM has many plans available to manage the influx of pigeons back to its normal state. We do this by employing exclusion, deterrent and trapping methods depending on your situation.

Bat Poop!

Not only nasty, but a pain to keep cleaning. Bats are migratory; thus, they are protected. HPM can assess your unique situation and bring your bat population back to normal without any harm to these beneficial mosquito eaters.

Olive Tree Fruit!

These trees may as well be pooping on your yard. You step in it and track it inside your home, what a mess! HPM can prevent olive trees from producing mass amounts of olives without harming the tree.
Treatments are done each March.

Please inquire about the following special services that we offer:

  • Africanized bee and honeycomb removal
  • Mosquito bating and fogging
  • Bedbug services, preventative and corrective
  • Rodent stand alone services: baiting, co2, and exclusion (roof vents, ac units, pool heaters)
  • Packrat nest removal
  • Snake removal
  • Pigeon and bat control
  • Olive tree spraying, prevents the growth of olives

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