Special Services

Horn Pest Management has a team of experts who can help you identify the pest and recommend the best action. We have the best equipment and expertise to resolve all your pest management problems, including waste from olive pits, feathers, and droppings from pigeons and bats.

Pigeon Poop! Not only nasty, but dangerous. HPM has many plans available to manage the influx of pigeons back to its normal state. We do this by employing exclusion, deterrent and trapping methods depending on your situation.

Not only nasty, but a pain to keep cleaning. Bats are migratory; thus, they are protected. HPM can assess your unique situation and bring your bat population back to normal without any harm to these beneficial mosquito eaters.

These trees may as well be pooping on your yard. You step in it and track it inside your home, what a mess! HPM can prevent olive trees from producing mass amounts of olives without harming the tree. Treatments are done each March.

Service Packages

Pests in your home or office can be a nuisance and pose a health risk. Many people don’t realize that different types of pests can infest a home or office, and each type requires a different treatment. If you're concerned about pests in your home or office, contact Horn Pest Management for help. We will eliminate pests by identifying the type of pest causing problems and providing an appropriate solution.

Pest Control Packages

We can develop customized plans. Commercial pest control plans may include regular inspections and treatments, while residential plans may focus more on exclusion and preventative measures.
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Termite Control Packages

Termite control treatment options will depend on the infestation's severity and the damage's extent; however, Termites can destroy your home and business if you do not have a good termite control package.
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Weed Control Packages

For your home, the focus is often on preventing weeds from taking over flower beds or the lawn. Businesses often need to deal with much larger areas of weeds and more authoritarian and persistent varieties.
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