The Arizona Department of Health Services has just announced there have been 57 cases of Zika Virus documented in Arizona and has warned tourists to take special precaution when traveling.  Before you go on your summer vacation with your family be sure to do some research on the country you are traveling to. Up to 80% of people that are infected with the Zika Virus show mild symptoms if any symptoms at all, but the virus poses a terrible threat to women who are pregnant. Pregnant women that become infected with the Zika virus can result in devastating birth defects to the child, some of the worst defects that can occur is the child’s head being too small for the age of the boy or girl. This can also happen to women who are not yet pregnant but are planning to get pregnant.

When outside it is always imperative that you wear bug spray and wearing long sleeve shirts and pants is also a good precaution to take. Inspect your front and backyards for any standing water because mosquitos love to live and breed in humid calm areas.

Enjoy this summer and be safe! If you think you may have an issue with mosquitos that is too much for you to handle on your own give us a call immediately and we will help!