It is common to find many unwelcomed house guests in the Tucson area of Arizona. Although some of these species may appear harmless, many others can be dangerous for your family and property. Therefore, when we talk about spiders in Arizona, the discussion is not limited to the hulking tarantula and jumping spider; instead, we will talk about some dangerous and harmful spider species in Arizona.

The Black Widow

Here we have listed one of the most famous spiders from Arizona identified from its iconic red-hourglass appeal. Still, it is essential to mention that this marking is difficult to spot with the naked eye. Moreover, this marking is present only in the female species, and the average size of the Black Widow is just half-inch long. If you try to look at a black widow from a standing position on the ground, you may rarely see the spider; just some tiny marking may be spotted. These spiders are known to inject a deadly venomous content with their bite into the human body. It can cause vomiting, respiratory distress, nausea, and muscular failure. It is better to receive immediate medical treatment if Black Widow bites you.

Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider is known as the most intimidating spider in Arizona. People also call them hunter spiders, same as tarantulas; they can keep on searching for prey over the night, and at this time, you can observe a green shine in their eyes when light falls on them. Wolf Spiders are more significant, with an average measurement of 1.4 inches, and their color may vary from dark brown to grey. They can also have an additional touch of orange or peach color on the anterior portion. Biting these spiders can be extremely painful because their large mandibles can tear the skin apart. However, the most severe concern is secondary infections that can further lead to lymph node swelling.

Arizona Brown Spider

The brown spider in Arizona is relative to the less famous brown recluse. This funnel-web spider can be commonly found on the ground, or it usually prefers to hide behind large objects, especially in the darker corners of the home. You will see a 1.5-inch creature with an unremarkable structure if you spot it. They have a distinctive fiddle marking, but it cannot be seen without magnification. The dangerous venom injected with their bites can liquefy prey. Experts report it to be more complicated than a bee sting because it can cause tissue necrosis. The condition may require immediate surgery or amputation due to secondary infections. Therefore, it is better to stay away from Brown Spiders in Arizona.

If you are experiencing destruction due to these harmful spiders in your home, it is good to contact professionals at the pest control company Tucson. These experts can prevent severe infestations and dangerous consequences at your home.