Termites are one of the biggest enemies for homeowners in Arizona. They are often challenging to locate and exterminate because they do not leave any sign behind at the early stage of infestation. Therefore, homeowners need to gather more information about termites and techniques to identify their presence on the property. In addition, you may need to know about potential treatment options for termite infestation at your home.

If you live in Arizona and are looking for more information on termite infestation, the article below may help you better.

Are termites rare in Arizona?

Many people report that they have never seen termites in Arizona. These creatures are tiny to spot with naked eyes, but they can destroy your home within very little time. Studies reveal that these tiny insects have a longer life cycle; therefore, once they find their way inside your home, they can put more damage in the long run. They prefer to attack human living spaces, preferably in the spring season, and start making numbers of colonies around. This season, they come out of wooden structures and start developing new colonies.

They can make up three to five colonies with ease per acre of land, and they live in a massive population of thousands of termites in one colony. Therefore, even if you have not seen them around, it doesn’t mean that they do not live in Arizona. Unfortunately, millions of colonies and many termites are ready to invade human properties. This is why it is advised to take help from experts to do an early inspection of termites at your home.

How to know if you are experiencing termite infestation at home?

It is common to see people misidentifying termites with flying ants. Although these two insects may appear very similar at first, the termites can be recognized from their thicker waist and longer wings. In addition, the wings of a termite are observed to move in the same direction, always with a more uniform pattern; however, ants fly erratically. If you emphasize the details, you can recognize these pests with ease, and further, you can implement the proper procedures to get rid of them in the long run.

Few common signs of termite infestation at your home may include tubes in the exterior portion of the property and several winged creatures flying around them. They can also enter your home through tiny cracks on the windowsills. In addition, observations state that these bugs can leave fecal droppings across your home’s wooden pieces or exterior walls. Other than this, you may also notice some hollow areas developed on the wooden beams at the house.

People in Arizona cannot detect the presence of termites on their property early, and when they come to know about them, it is already too late. As these creatures stay hidden below the ground, they cannot be noticed easily. However, you can find them if you know the signs clearly and search every corner to locate their colonies. Reports reveal that termites prefer to live below the ground in most cases, and they eat wood as they can break cellulose easily into sugar with their efficient enzymes. In addition, they can eat wood grains with small soil amounts; however, if they have prepared a larger colony, they may put your entire property in danger. Therefore, it is better to look for termite infestation on time to live a healthy life with your family at home.

Tips to get rid of termite infestation at your home:

Some of you might be looking for DIY procedures to deal with a termite infestation. This is not recommended as such solutions cannot ensure sustainable outcomes. It is better to call Horn Pest Management Company professionals to help you maintain valuable assets at your property. Many experts recommend using termiticides to deal with termite infestation at home, and they can be used up to a quantity of hundred gallons. It is vital to apply termiticides in specific locations and to do this, you may need specialized equipment. If the product doesn’t reach target areas, you may fail to achieve the desired outcomes. Therefore, it is necessary to get help from Arizona experts to deal with pest management needs. They can help you eliminate termite colonies permanently from your premises.

The professionals at your end may use either bait, liquids, or potential products to deal with termites. Observations reveal that liquid pesticides can kill all termites that come in touch with them; therefore, it is often placed on the soil to create a barrier. When these products enter the termite body or attack colonies, you can expect some relief from infestation. After one proper expert treatment, your property will be labeled termite free for five years.

It is essential to understand that Arizona is home to several termites. They create mud tubes to enter anyone’s property and can lead to massive destruction with time. You may also find some dry wood termites in the area that can live without moisture. These creatures travel to your home in a giant swarm and can cause significant damage to the area. Therefore, it is essential to take timely action to deal with the problem. Instead of trying some DIY procedures, it is better to get help from Arizona experts to get rid of termites permanently. They can eliminate pests from your home in the long run by following some trustworthy techniques.