The Tarantula spider is maybe one of the most commonly known spiders in the United States but it is also one of the most harmless spiders as well. Tarantulas for the most part are submissive and the only damage they can do to a human would be a painful bite. But hey dogs bite, cats scratch, pet birds are extremely loud, and politicians can’t be trusted. We must ask ourselves “when I see a tarantula, do I kill it or simply let it be?” We say, “let it be.”

If you are an arachnophobe the answer may be to kill or run away screaming, but we are forgetting about one extremely positive service that tarantulas provide for us. Tarantulas prey on insects and they can do a pretty significant job of keeping the bug count down in your backyard. So why not let these little furry creatures stick around, right? Well for those who are still not convinced there are other options to prevent these guys from gettin’ all up in yo personal space ‘n’ junk.

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