Tucson Springtail Infestations

Springtails are a multi-colored insect that can infest your home due to various reasons. Commonly, they’re attracted to high levels of moisture in or around your property, so maintaining a dry and adequately sealed home is one of the best ways to reduce the odds of a Springtail infestation.

Springtails are a species of insects that consists of more than 500 variations. When you experience a springtail infestation, it will occur in huge numbers. So, it’s essential to know how to handle a springtail infestation if it happens to your home.

At Horn Pest Management, we employ teams of highly trained pest control technicians that can handle springtail infestation in no time. We deliver reliable, long-lasting, and effective springtail infestation removal services on which you can rely.

To learn more about springtail infestation and how to deal with them, continue reading.

Traits of Springtails

Springtails are attracted to lots of forestation so that you can find them commonly in parks, golf courses, greenhouses, and gardens. If you have a lot of plants in your home, that can attract springtails. You can find a lot of springtails around swimming pool areas. They can also be attracted to ponds, lakes, and in rare instances, near dog houses.

Springtails love mold and other naturally-occurring types of bacteria on which to feed. But, they also need a lot of moisture to habitat comfortably, so when the nearby environment becomes dry, they’ll seek new shelter. They like to take advantage of loose openings and holes around your home, which is why you should always seal off any cracks around your property.

When they enter your home, they’ll target high-moisture areas in your home like bathrooms and kitchens. An interesting fact to know is that a lot of newer homes are infested with springtails after they’ve been recently completed.

If you use water-based fertilizer around your property, that can be another attractant for springtails. Springtails are often mistaken for fleas given their small size and ability to jump very high; however, they are different from fleas.

Fleas are much more dangerous, while springtails are fairly non-harmful; they’re more a nuisance than anything else. Notice a springtail infestation around your home. It could be a critical indicator that you have a significant water leak around your home in the plumbing pipes or somewhere similar.

If you have a lot of clutter around your home, springtails will be attracted. This clutter can include overpacked storage boxes, closets, small corners, and more. You can also find springtails in wet and moldy furniture starting to produce mold since it’s their primary food source.

Dealing with Springtails

Getting rid of springtails is a reasonably straightforward process, but it requires several steps. First, it’s essential to identify the areas being impacted the most by springtails to assess the most effective pest control approach.

Since springtail infestations occur in large numbers, the process of removing them from your property can take some time. Once we identify the infestation’s primary source, we will use Integrated Pest Management control solutions to provide a layer of defense from springtails around your property.

While springtails are bothersome, they do not pose any severe health risks to humans. So, there is no need to worry about issues like that if you’re currently experiencing a springtail infestation problem. The longer you allow a springtail infestation to fester, the worse it will become.

So, it’s best to contact a professional like us to help you as soon as you notice springtails taking over your property. Our team is always willing and able to help you restore the comfort and safety of your home.

Our Service Promise

At Horn Pest Management, we pride ourselves on offering quality infestation control services that can help any property owner restore peace of mind. If you’re currently dealing with a springtail infestation problem and need relief, feel free to fill out the form on our website to receive a free quote.

We offer a 100% service satisfaction guarantee on all of our springtail infestation services. So, you can get the help you need without spending a ton of money. Don’t let springtails ruin the ambiance of your home and let us help you get rid of them!