While most spiders in Tucson are not extremely dangerous to humans and would only leave some swelling at the bite site, some can be venomous. Some steps can be taken to minimize or altogether avoid welcoming spiders entering your home. Here are six simple spider control tips.

1. Take Care of Trash Properly

Many pests are attracted to garbage and dirt, including spider populations. Spiders are drawn to areas of trash and trash cans because where there is trash, there are flies. Regularly, you will want to take the following actions:

  1. Put a lid on it: Cover trash cans and recycle bins in and out of the home.
  2. Deodorize: Reduce the smell of anything that may draw attention.
  3. Take it out: Take out the bag when it’s full and the bin for collection day.

These few actions can help prevent a spider infestation and other pests such as flies, rodents, and cockroaches.

2. Block Off Entry Points

Since these unwanted pests are quite small, they can fit through crevices that are difficult to detect. Go around your house and property to ensure that any small entry point for spiders is blocked. Here are some common entry points that our technicians have found to be prevalent openings for spiders in Tucson:

  1. Door screens: Repair or replace any screens with holes or tears.
  2. Door frames: Monsoon season and the changing climate lead to exterior doors expanding and contracting. This change can alter how the door sits in the frame, which will allow tiny pests to enter the home.
  3. Open windows and doors: Letting that breeze in can also let house spiders enter.

3. Remove Spider Webs

You may be tempted to leave a spider web since they can help take care of other insects such as flies and mosquitos, but that can do more harm than good for you and your family.

Safely remove spider webs with a broom or object to avoid direct contact – you don’t want to find out the hard way that there was a spider or an egg sac on the web you just took down by finding it on your hand. The average egg sac for a black widow will contain 255 eggs on average.

If you notice that you have mosquitos and flies near your home, don’t rely on the venomous spiders living there to eradicate pests for you. Instead, your friendly technicians at Horn Pest Management will come to you for any pest control services you need.

4. Reduce Exposed Light

If you have ever left your porch light on by accident, you have probably noticed the small swarm of insects that gathered there. Remember that one of the prevention tips for any pest is eliminating their food source. To prevent spiders, you will want to prevent insects and other pests from coming your way.

To do this, you can:

  1. First, turn off exterior lights, but only where security is not a concern.
  2. Second, change the light bulbs to emit a dull yellow instead of white.
  3. Third, turn off inside lights or use curtains and blinds to reduce the light emitted from home

5. Eliminate Hiding Spots

Another step to preventing spiders is not giving them a place to live.

Removing debris from in and around the home, storing wood away from the exterior walls, and reducing brush and clutter from your yard and garden areas can help prevent these 8-legged pests from taking residence in your home.