Horn Pest Management has you covered when it comes to rodent control in Arizona. Of course, nobody wants a home or business overrun by rodents, and we are here to help stop the spread of disease and destruction caused by these pesky critters. Horn Pest Management has been getting rid of pests for over 20 years. We offer services to keep rodents out of your home or business. Horn Pest Management uses methods that don’t hurt rodents, such as traps and baiting systems, to get rid of them.

In addition, the experts at Horn Pest Management can identify potential entry points around your property that could be attractive to rodents and provide solutions for sealing off those areas. We can also advise you on keeping rodents from returning to your property by removing food sources that could attract more rodents.

Common Rodents: Types and Signs

When dealing with rodent control in Arizona, it’s essential first to understand the types of rodents in the area. The most common rodents in Arizona are Roof Rats, Norway Rats, Deer Mice, and Pack Rats. Each of these rodents has different habits and signs that are easily identifiable, which makes their removal easier.

Roof Rats are the largest of the four common rodents in Arizona. They can grow up to 12 inches long and weigh more than a pound. They are primarily nocturnal but will forage during the day when necessary. Roof rats can jump and climb exceptionally well, which makes them more challenging to control than other rodents. Norway rats are the most common rodent in Arizona and can grow up to 10 inches long. They prefer to live in moist areas, such as basements and crawlspaces. Norway rats tend to gnaw on wood, which can lead to structural damage. They are also known to gnaw on electrical wires and can be a fire hazard.

Recognizing signs of a potential rodent infestation on your property is also essential. For example, rodents may be in your home or business if you find droppings or food packages that have been chewed up. Other signs include gnawing damage along walls or baseboards and scratching noises from attics or walls.

Rodents in Arizona: The Diseases they Carry

Rodents are common in Arizona and can be found in residential and commercial buildings. Unfortunately, rodents also carry diseases that can quickly spread to humans. This potential makes it very important to get rid of rodents in the area as soon as possible.

The most common rodents in Arizona are Roof Rats, Norway Rats, Deer Mice, and Pack Rats. The diseases they carry, such as Leptospirosis, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Salmonellosis, and the Plague, can do much damage if they are not treated.

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome is spread by infected droppings or saliva, while leptospirosis is caused by rat or mouse urine on your skin. Salmonellosis is mainly spread by rat poop, while flea bites from an infected rodent host spread the plague. These diseases are not the only thing to be concerned about concerning rodents. Rodents also carry ectoparasites and arthropod parasites that can cause several health problems in humans.

Types of Damage: Electrical and Plumbing

Rodents are common in Arizona, and they can cause significant damage to a home or business. Two of the most common types of damage are electrical and plumbing. Electrical damage is often caused by rodents chewing on exposed wires, which can be dangerous for residents. Likewise, when rodents chew through pipes and other parts of a building’s water system, it can cause plumbing problems. This type of damage can lead to unexpected flooding in the structure, as well as significant financial losses due to repairs.

Rodents can cause damage to your home’s wiring and plumbing, so it’s essential to take preventative steps before problems happen. Standard measures include putting rodent-proofing materials around entry points like windows and doors, plugging holes with insulation or caulk, sealing cracks in foundations or walls with concrete or cement sealants, and keeping food sources away from the structure’s foundation.

Rodent Control Treatments & Solutions: We Have You Covered

Rodent infestations can be a nightmare for Arizona homeowners. Rodents such as rats and mice can damage walls, chew through wires, and contaminate food sources. Luckily, there are many treatments and solutions available to help combat rodent problems in the state of Arizona.

The first step is to identify the type of rodent you are dealing with, so we can choose the proper control methods. Once the type of rodent is identified, it’s important to thoroughly inspect your home or business for any potential entry points they may use to gain access inside your building. Sealing these gaps will help keep them out in the future.

In addition to sealing entry points, trapping and baiting are two additional treatments that will help rid an area of existing rodents while also providing a preventative measure against new invasions occurring in the future. No matter your rodent problem, Horn Pest Management has you covered!

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