Do you think that you may be the victim of a raccoon infestation? Some basic indicators of raccoons can be:

  • Signs of trash cans being raided and overturned.
  • Pet food left outside being eaten.
  • Home gardens being foraged and destroyed
  • Lawns being torn up.

If your home has been subject to any of these mischievous happenings than you need to give the professionals at Horn Pest Management a call now! All inspections and estimates are free, and we will provide a safe and simple removal of the raccoons around your property. Most cases are simple and only require a few traps to be set in the affected areas of your home. In some cases the job may require a bit more technical expertise; in which case we will offer a referral to a wildlife control specialist.

In order to prevent raccoons from nesting in your home here are some helpful tips to deter any raccoons in the market for a new home:

  • Minimize access to foods, water, and shelter.
  • Seal any part of home where raccoons may be able to gain access.
  • Make sure all roof vents are heavy duty and animal proof.
  • Cut all trees back between 6’ to 8’ to prevent entry from roof.
  • Install caps over all chimney and roof vents.