Pigeons are invasive and prolific! Tucson is inundated with Pigeons. They are known to nest and roost on the rooftops of homes and businesses. They breed rapidly and their feces can spread several diseases to humans. Some of these diseases are: tuberculosis, ornithosis, and salmonellosis. This is how pigeons have earned the nickname “rats with wings”.

-Pigeons can inbreed up to 21 times before the effects become detrimental.

-Pigeons always lay at least 2 eggs with one always being a male and one always being a female.

-Pigeons can navigate the earth using its magnetic fields.

-They have been known to live up to 30 years.

-Pigeons prey on smaller birds.  

Implementation of bird spike, netting, electric track, wire mesh, cables, trapping and removal by a licensed professional will protect human health and their property.   

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