Wood destroying insects come in many shapes. You may find ants and white termites look alike, but some other Arizona pests may appear like termites, even when they are not. You may need to understand a few essential aspects to differentiate between termites and ants, as this information may further help you make relevant decisions to deal with the infestation. In addition, research studies reveal that many other pests use wood as a food source or their preferred place to live.

For those who live in Arizona and are interested in knowing about the different types of wood-destroying insects commonly found in Arizona, this article may be helpful for you. Here we have listed some of the most popular insects you may often find around or inside your house.

Carpenter Ants: They do not consume wood, but they can often take advantage of weak wood, rotten wood, or wood already damaged by some other pests. These creatures move inside some hollow or damaged wood pieces and keep depositing the harvested wood shavings out of the wood structure they are targeting. You may find ants of different sizes moving around the shaved wood structures at your premises.

Carpenter Bees: Carpenter bees are almost the same as carpenter ants since they do not like to consume wood, but yes, they keep on designing hollow structures inside to lay larvae so that future generations can stay safe. These bees are recognized for their oversized appearance, with smoky grey to black color, and they can make considerably large holes into the wood. When they tunnel in, creating a perfect area to lay eggs is easier.

Powder Post Beetles: A general term used to define an entire family of beetles that target wood. They can target healthy wood structures and leave some powdered wood with tiny holes through which this powder can be ejected quickly. This is the most common sign of their presence at your premises. These are usually small and have a brown color with attractive longitudinal lines on the wing covers. Surprisingly, these insects can re-infest on wooden structures, proving them the most destructive creatures in Arizona.

Long-Horned Beetles: Here comes another insect that is widely linked to firewood. When the wood starts aging, the beetle larvae begin moving out of the structure. These creatures can be recognized from their large-sized antennae, which are usually longer than the rest of their body. The appearance of these insects varies; however, at most locations, you may find them with white and black markings on the entire shell. These insects leave massive dust behind due to their wood destruction activities.

If you find any of these insects on your property, it is better to call Horn Pest Management Company professionals to avail immediate solutions for the infestation. Experts can assist you with timely inspection and remedy to save your property.