The White Winged Dove is native to the sonoran desert and will normally feed on cactus fruit and other grains found on the ground. They can usually be found in the backyards of suburban areas with bird feeders or bird baths. The Doves will usually nest in trees but will nest within the facia boards of a home or building that can provide them with heavy shade. Doves will mate pretty frequently usually laying 1-2 eggs at a time. After the eggs hatch the nestlings will remain with their mother and father for 14-18 days. After the nestlings leave their nest they will be ready to find a partner of their own after only a few shorts months. They will also remain in the same region that they were born in. They can be quite invasive as well with corrosive droppings they can do permanent damage to your home, vehicles, and outdoor equipment/furniture. Simple solutions to this issue is to install bird spikes on your roof or walls in around your home or garden. Another ingenious solution that you can use to annoy your birds without annoying your neighbors would be through a sonic bird repellent. This works like a dog whistle by emitting a high frequency tone that will confuse and frighten the doves preventing them from setting up shop in your backyard.


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