Among several nasty pests that may attack your home in Arizona, cockroaches are the most commonly spotted ones. These unwelcome guests can misbehave in various ways by contaminating food, making a mess around, or despoiling the floor with their skin shedding and droppings. Several cockroach species can be found in Arizona; here, we will list a few of them with some background information to boost your knowledge base.

German Cockroach

They are known to be the most persistent pests in Arizona reason. One can recognize these cockroaches with their unique vertical stripes and light brown color. They are known to cause severe problems for homeowners since they can transmit diseases faster than other species. These creatures can live on a variety of household products even, including toothpaste and soap.

The best way to get rid of these German cockroaches at your property is to follow reliable sanitation procedures such as disposing of empty boxes or cardboards and cleaning floors from time to time. However, sometimes you may need to employ aggressive ways to control the infestation.

American Cockroach

Another commonly found cockroach species in the Arizona area is American cockroaches, also known as sewer roaches. They can be easily encountered in bathroom areas because they make their way through drains and pipes. The reddish-brown color with a light yellow band on the head of these roaches may make them easier to detect in the surroundings. In addition, these creatures are well adapted to moist and hot environments.

When these cockroach species are reproducing, they may choose some uninterrupted corner of your home to thrive; inside cabinets, crawlspaces, or below the sinks. Preventing infestation may need sealing of cracks using silica gel. Experts also advise plugging sing drains if the sink is not in use.

How to treat cockroach infestation in Arizona?

Although there are multiple ways to treat the roach infestations, first, you need to spot the sign of their presence at your home. Then, when professionals conduct the treatments, the results can last longer while keeping you safe from these nasty pests.

One of the most commonly followed techniques to eliminate cockroaches from household premises is to apply boric acid power on the target surfaces. Still, this technique is not suitable for those who have pets and kids at home. Moreover, boric acid alone cannot provide you long-term relief from cockroach infestation as it can return. Another option you can use is gel bait stations which can be an effective trap for roaches, and they cannot escape it easily. Unfortunately, many commercial traps also contain some hazardous poison that roaches may further carry to other roaches in their colonies. Similar results can be observed when applying glue strips, but they are usually recommended for high-traffic areas. If none of these options work effectively at your place, it is better to call pest control professionals in Arizona for help. They can deal with the infestation using some trusted procedures.