Packrats are also called wood rats, and they are very destructive creatures. Reports reveal that these are the most stubborn pests that attack several homes every year in Arizona. In such situations, the biggest concern for populations in Arizona is whether these pests carry Hantavirus with them or not. The article below may help you know various aspects of packrats and details about how threatening they can be for your family.

Essential Facts about Hantavirus:

There are many potential families of Hantaviruses, and they can be easily tracked or identified by experts. This virus is widely recognized as a zoonotic which can transmit further to humans while causing the Disease Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. Note that this disease is sporadic, but it can be hazardous. People infected with HPS experience an intense headache in the first stage, and flu-like symptoms often accompany it. Within 2 to 5 days of the infection, the patient may start reporting serious breathing problems. But the relaxing fact is that this disease doesn’t transmit from one person to other.

Studies reveal that woodrats are among those four species known as common carriers of HPS. It is also important to mention that the white-footed and deer mice also share habitats with packrats in Arizona. It means that packrats are at high risk of carrying the harmful virus to your premises.

It is better to take relevant precautions to deal with packrats because it is challenging to trace packrat droppings among other species. Even deer mice can also be found in the same structures where woodrats prefer visiting in search of food or shelter.

How to prevent HPS exposure at your home?

Experts state that you cannot get infected with HPS with routine activities in high-traffic areas of your home. But these creatures may have left something unwanted in the hidden sections of your home. People are most likely to contract the virus while cleaning areas affected by the long-term infestation.

Some of the most common activities that may put you at high risk include handling corpses of rodents. If you touch them without wearing gloves or mop the area without proper protection, you can get affected by the virus. If you identify any such location at your home, it is better to take help from experts to clear it professionally. The experienced cleaning agents use reliable procedures and methods to clean the premises with adequate respiratory protection.

Those in trouble due to packrat infestation are advised to get in touch with the experts at Horns Pest Management Company to get your premises inspected on time. They can help you clean the entire area and get rid of infestation at the earliest. In addition, they can further ensure you guaranteed safety from HPS exposure. These trusted procedures can save your family in Arizona from harmful pests and insects.