Southern Arizona is known for its vast diversity of wildlife, and one of the Southwest’s most beautiful animal species is the Mexican free-tailed Bat. Although these bats are extremely abundant in number and its Conservation Status is a ‘Least Concern’ it is still regarded as a protected species due to its migratory habits. These bats migrate annually from Baja California, Sinaloa, and Sonora Mexico north to Arizona, California, and Utah. They will roost in the same areas year in and year out making them particularly prone to habitat destruction. They have also been known to roost in any dark tight and tight man made spaces, such as behind the facia boards of homes.

This poses a particular challenge when it comes to dealing with these bats as they have been known to build their habitat within a house. Much like pigeons, their roosting habits lead to a large build up of feces. This will usually find itself falling on to your porches and patios. Qualified licensed professionals take extreme precaution when it comes to safely removing these beautiful creatures from your home. Doing so in a manner that will not harm the bats nor cause further damage to the home. The Professionals will seal up a large portion of the entry points and install cones, the bats are able to exit but not re-enter. After several weeks a follow up inspection will determine whether or not all of the bats have left the building. If the bats have completely abandoned the home then the Pro’s will remove the cones, and seal the exit points.  If you’re tired of cleaning all the bat guano from your home and want to further preserve the beauty of these beautiful creatures, call the professionals at Horn Pest Management to put together a game plan to safely and efficiently remove the bats from your home!

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