A wasp is essentially a bee on steroids! They can sting as much as they please, and their stings are often more painful. `Wasps can pose a tremendous threat to any outdoor activity due to their aggressive nature and predatory habits. However, information about wasps are relatively unknown by a majority of people. So here are 5 facts about wasps that’ll help you better understand these creatures.

    1. Wasps are intense predators, they hunt nearly every insect that is harmful to crops and also eat nectar, tree sap, and fruit.
    2. Not all wasps live in colonies, with nearly 30,000 different species of wasps they can be quite diverse. There are two primary sub groups: Social Wasps and Solitary Wasps. Solitary Wasps as the name implies, live alone and fend for themselves.
    3. Most Wasps make nests from wood and bark. By chewing the pulp to form paper cells. Other wasps, like the mud-dauber, will use mud to build tubes as their home.
    4. Wasps can sting more than once. Because their stinger is not barbed their stinger will not fall off, allowing them to sting over and over. Ow!!
    5. Wasps life cycle. Every summer, new queens are born and will hunker down for the winter in logs, burrow, or stay inside void areas of a structure (like a house). During winter, all the other wasps will die off. The queens will start a new colony in the summer and can build a colony of up to 50,000 wasps in one summer. 

How Horn Pest Management safely and securely removes a wasp nest and prevents rebuilding:

After a quick inspection of a given wasp nest, the pro’s at HPM will carefully remove the nest from the home and treat the area with a repellent residual pesticide and or seal up the entry points.