Rodents, such as Pack Rats and Mice love to invite themselves into homes and lives of whomever they want. Your lonely grandma may find this to be welcome company. However, many are disgusted by the thought of seeing a rat or mouse scurrying through their kitchen while cooking thanksgiving dinner. So here are some facts about rodents and tips to rid your home of them…

Fact: Rodents teeth never stop growing! Causing them to continuously gnaw on whatever they can get their filthy little paws on. Including your home, food, and children.

Tip: Keep trees from hanging over onto the roof of your home as rodents are skilled climbers and can jump from the fronds of your palm trees to your roof further inserting them into your home!

Fact: A female mouse can have up to 15 litters per year, and can get pregnant 24 hours after giving birth! For one mouse, their average litter size is 10-12. So it takes no time at all for two mice and a couple glasses of wine to infest your home.

Tip: Be sure to keep all door sweeps intact as rodents are flexible little monsters that can easily squeeze through the tightest of spaces.

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