Rats and rodents are seen as vermin who are dirty, spread disease and eat your floorboards. To some extent, these standards are valid because rats can spread illnesses such as hantavirus and leptospirosis. However, these rodents also will gnaw away at your furniture and home if given the opportunity.

Since they enjoy devouring your leftovers, pantry, and fruit trees, you may see them in and about your property, increasing the risk of disease and contamination. Therefore, along with trapping and removing these rats and mice, it is best to take measures to prevent their reoccurrence with some simple tactics. What you can do is call in Horn Pest Management to take care of these not-so-friendly furry creatures to help advise on what in your home may be inviting them in.

Danger to health and safety

Since rodents can breed in large numbers and quickly, they should be addressed as soon as their presence is known. We also advise you to contact a professional when you see them to prevent spreading diseases and contaminating your home with their droppings. They often like to nest in unseen places, such as your attic, crawl space, and between the walls.

Don’t let their small size fool you, as they can chew through essential structures in the home, including electrical wiring. Some house fires can be attributed to these rodent species. If they manage to get to essential cables, they can cause thousands of dollars of damage to the main lines and appliances on your property.

Rodent Control Measures

With our expert rodent control services here at Horn Pest Management, we offer and use a variety of traps and/or baits to trap, capture, and remove rodents such as mice and rats from your home and property. We are also going to come and advise on measures that you can take for rodent prevention, so you don’t even have to deal with one pesky rodent.

While you may find some DIY options, rat traps, and mouse control methods on Google, the professionals are going to have the tried and true training on how to deal with small rodents and keep them gone. Clean up is what you can do at home to help alleviate the severity of the infestation and curb the adverse effects that house mice and rats have on your home. Check outside, the roof, and small crevices that they can use to enter your house to get started on preventing them from getting inside.

The house mouse is not as notorious for harboring diseases, but they can contaminate food wherever they go with the substances they have been.

House Mouse Removal

Mice, along with rats and other small rodents, reproduce many offspring, and it only takes a month of pregnancy to have up to a dozen babies! So you can imagine how these tiny creatures can become a significant problem very quickly! However, they will be much harder to catch based on their size and speed, so leave it to the professionals!

We will assess your area and determine the best course of action and where to place bait and/or traps, making sure to get the smallest of holes that they can fit into.

Rat Trap and Removal

To ensure the successful removal and prevention of future infestations of rats, it is best to call in professionals. With years of hard work to master their field, they aim to resolve your home of pack rats with rodent bait stations, traps, and habitat modification to make your home unwelcoming to them. In addition, they will identify problem areas and seal even the smallest of entry points to the house.

Pest Control Professional in Tucson, AZ

Have you noticed droppings in your house and teeth marks on your couch? At Horn Pest Management, we have the solution for all your rodent management needs! Give us a call at 520-885-8603 or visit our Contact page to reach out to trusted and educated individuals. Don’t let rats turn your home into a house that you don’t want to be in!