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Horn Pest Management is dedicated to serving and protecting the health and property of our valued customers by implementing industry best practices.

Horn Pest Management is dedicated to providing a safe, professional, and purposeful career-driven environment. All of our valued service providers are highly trained, licensed by the Department of Agriculture, have undergone background checks and drug testing.    

All our services are guaranteed and warrantied.


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Licensed Pest Control

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Our first goal is to stop the pests on the outside of your home before they enter.

This prevents the need to apply any pesticides inside your home.

If an interior treatment is necessary, a localized application to the source will be performed.

Horn Pest Management can encompass termite and weed service into your pest package, ending the need for multiple service providers and service visits. We will design the right program that fits your needs and budget.

All our services are guaranteed and warrantied.

Please enquire about the following special services that we offer:


  • Africanized bee and honeycomb removal
  • Mosquito bating and fogging
  • Bedbug services, preventative and corrective
  • Rodent stand alone services: baiting, co2, and exclusion (roof vents, ac units, pool heaters)
  • Packrat nest removal
  • Snake removal
  • Pigeon and bat control
  • Olive tree spraying, prevents the growth of olives


Termites Packages


Your home is probably your most important investment.

You’ve insured it, maintained it, but have you protected it from termites?


Weed Packages


“It’s a dry heat!” but weeds are still prevalent and an ongoing nuisance.

Not to mention, a requirement to be weed-free in many HOAs.


Core Pest Service


HPM’s Core Pest Services consist of a thorough inspection, treatments will be made to critical areas, points of entry, and known pest harborages. Cobwebs will be removed. Localized interior treatments will be performed on an as-needed basis. HPM’s goal is to get the pests before they enter your home or place of business and to be respectful of your environment. Covered pests are ants, roaches, spiders, exposed wasp nests, earwigs, crickets, scorpions, centipedes, ticks, and fleas. Rodent control services may be added to address Packrats, Roof Rats, Kangaroo Rats, and mice. Your HPM Pest Professional will also explain how your cooperation will help your pest program be more successful. See below how you can bundle save.

Pests & Termites

Pest and Termite Package


HPM is happy to combine your Core Pest and termite warranty all rolled up in one. This package may require a spot or full house treatment for subterranean termites. Your HPM Pest Professional will be happy to provide you with all your options. This warranty will not cover any pre-existing or future termite damage, or damage that may occur during a termite treatment. This is not a damage warranty.

Pests & Weeds


Pest and Weed Package


HPM’s Pest and Weed Package combines your Core Pest Service and a weed management program. This consists of two pre-emerges per year and post-emergent treatments at the time of each pest service.

Pests, Termites & Weeds


Pest, Termite and Weed Package


This is HPM’s “Wrap It Up” package. This package combines ALL three pest, termite, and weed in a one hassle-free, no worries, one-stop-shopping service program. Not only is it the best but it also give you the biggest bang for your buck.




Trelona ATBS is a baiting program utilizing tamper-resistant bait stations that are strategically installed in the soil around your home or commercial building. This may also be a more environmentally friendly option. Termites don’t sleep and work 24 hours a day randomly foraging. It’s only a matter of time that a colony will strike a bait station and start feeding. Eventually, the termites will return to the colony to feed other termites, when they do this they leave a pheromone trail for other foraging termites. Trelona stops the termite’s molting process and leads to colony elimination.


This application is performed before concrete is poured during new construction. This treatment provides a liquid barrier to prevent termites from accessing your home through expansion joints and plumbing protrusions. These treatments come with a three warranty and a Final Grade treatment to prevent termites from accessing the home up the foundation.


Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Reports are done during the inspection phase when purchasing a new home or commercial building. A detailed inspection and report is completed and provided to you, your Realtor and lending institution.

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