According to, ants rank as the number 1 nuisance pest in the United States. An alarming 88% of these ants have been found in office buildings and 80-82% of ant infestations were found in apartments, condominiums, and single family homes. The numbers are extremely startling but there is hope! Preventing ants is nearly as simple as removing them, there are several key tips that are imperative to removing and preventing America’s leader in annoying the heck out of us.

This first and simplest step to prevent ants from moving into your home (unless you live in a college dorm, then you’re toast and should nag the hell out of your resident advisor) is to always keep a clean kitchen free of any spilled liquids and unwrapped food. 96% of homes infested with ants were located in the kitchen. Ants will eat and drink most everything but have an especially adept sense for the scent for sweet food and drink. Upon entry into your home ants will explore the insides of your kitchen bathroom sink drains if they pick up a scent; which can give the impression that this is where they are entering from, however this is not the case. Ants usually enter through gaps in the foundation of the home or up through exposed spaces in the crawl spaces.

To prevent entry from doors and windows make sure all doors have door sweeps and all windows have screens and are kept closed. Keep trees trimmed back from touching roof lines. HPM offers professional seasonal treatments on the outside of the home, and interior gel bait treatments.

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