In Tucson, we love our quality of life and treasure our special environment. Some of us gladly share our neighborhoods with wild animals, from red-tail hawks to javelinas. But when we have problematic pests indoors or on our property, we need to take steps to handle the problem.

Insects and rodents can cause a host of health problems, property damage, and even structural issues. When you need a pest control company, call Horn Pest Management, a highly qualified and customer-friendly company with a reputation for value and getting the job done right.

All Horn Pest Management, pest control employees are thoroughly trained professionals who use the most advanced Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques available in the industry today. They are fully licensed by the Arizona Department of Agriculture (ADOA), your guarantee of quality and professionalism.

Horn Pest Management are members of the Arizona Pest Professional Organization and the National Pest Management Association, an industry leader in pest management practices through public education programs about pest management approaches. The organizations also encourage each customer to take a proactive approach by following integrated pest management plans within their home, thereby reducing pest problems. This ensures you have the pest control services with the most environmentally sound practices possible.

Best Pest Control Company in Tucson 

Tucson’s best pest control company has a simple mission statement emphasizing both good relationships and service. “We at Horn Pest Management strive to provide a safe, professional, purposeful career-driven environment where all employees, customers, and vendors are treated with the highest respect. We are dedicated to pest control and pest prevention through education and methods that produce no harmful side effects or environmental impact.”

Supporting our mission statement and philosophy is an ongoing Employee Awareness Program emphasizing the importance of being environmentally responsible while delivering pest control services for each customer in Tucson. Whether it’s by educating new employees on pest identification/control procedures or teaching them how to properly apply pesticides, we ensure that every pest control technician has a full understanding of each pest issue. They are trained to resolve problems quickly, helping us maintain 100% customer satisfaction.

The quality of the company’s staff is clear in the high levels of client satisfaction. “I have been using Horn Pest Management for the past 18 years,” says one customer.  “I can’t say enough about their service and professionalism.”  

“Horn Pest Control has done a great job protecting (our facilities) against pest issues from termites to mice.,” says another client who is a property manager.

Pest Management in Tucson 

Horn Pest Management is dedicated to serving and protecting the health and property of our valued pest control customers by implementing the industry’s best practices. Our pest control in Tucson services are comprehensive – and we utilize only the most advanced pest control products, tools, and equipment to provide pest control with unsurpassed effectiveness.

Pest Management Services 

We offer pest management services for the following pests:

  • Mosquito treatment and control
  • Rodent/mole control
  • Scorpion pest control treatment
  • Africanized bee and honeycomb removal
  • Mosquito baiting and fogging
  • Bedbug services, preventative and corrective
  • Rodent stand-alone services: baiting and exclusion (roof vents, etc.)
  • Packrat nest removal
  • Snake removal
  • Pigeon and bat control

Southern Arizona Pest Management 

Horn Pest Management is dedicated to serving and protecting the health and property of our valued customers by implementing industry best practices. We customize our treatment for each customer to manage their current pest issues and develop a long-term strategy to prevent future infestation.

We work hard to build relationships with our customers and consider their needs every step of the way. Our Tucson pest control specialists have training in pest control prevention, including ways to avoid pests entering your home or business.

Our first goal is to stop the pests on the outside of your home before they enter. This prevents the need to apply any pesticides inside your home. If an interior treatment is necessary, a localized application to the source will be performed. Horn pest management strives to minimize risks associated with pest control.

The pest management experts at Horn Pest Management are dedicated to their work. We review our pest control systems regularly to ensure we offer effective pest control and pest prevention.

Pest control programs

We will design the right program that fits your needs and budget. For instance, Horn Pest Management can include termite and weed control services in your pest control package, ending the need for multiple service providers and service visits.

Our pest control service includes:

  • Prevention
  • Monitoring and inspection
  • Pest identification and control using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) pest control techniques
  • Pest exclusion pest control methods to seal out pests from your home or business

Southern Arizona pest control provided by Horn Pest Management utilizes environmentally friendly pest control products to reduce the impact on our environment and your family. For over 20 years, we have served Tucson’s pest control needs using our quality pest management experience and knowledge of pest biology. Call us today to get started with a free home inspection.