As the winter season is winding down and the springtime is beginning to wind up pest activity increases! Springtime in Tucson is one of the prettiest and most temperate times of the year, the flowers begin to blossom and we receive our tax returns. There are some drawbacks, like the annual invasion of mosquitos that come to suck your blood and cause you to raise your budget for moisturizing products. They can wreak havoc of any outdoor event, and those over the counter mosquito sprays just can’t cut it. One of the most important steps you can take to avoid mosquitos in and around your home is to eliminate all standing water especially after a monsoon. Another step you can take is the installation of a mosquito misting system around the perimeter of your house. These misting systems can be be set to release a pet and human friendly mosquito repellent at any time you please. Another form of control is to treat plant foliage for loafing mosquitoes. This will give temporary relief but other skeeters will soon reinvade. Mosquitoes are drawn in by the carbon monoxide we exhale so you can hold your breath or call Horn Pest Management.  

For any more questions about mosquitoes and mosquito systems please give us a call today!