If you have seen a mouse in your home, the chances are that there are many more.

When you think about reproduction for all animals, there is a general rule that the larger the cake, the longer to bake. Elephants, for example, will be pregnant for almost two years! However, since mice are so small, they only need to be pregnant for about three weeks!

Here are a few other pieces of information that are important when thinking about how a few mice can become many in a short amount of time:

  • Female mice can have multiple litters per year (anywhere from 5-10);
  • A single litter can contain more than a dozen pups (pups is the term for a baby mouse);
  • Older mice will have fewer and smaller litters;
  • A mouse will be sexually mature within two months of age;
  • They will only breed in certain weather conditions (this means that it will be inside your house during the winter).

How can you prevent mice from breeding in your home?

The surest way to prevent additional mice in your home is to prevent them from coming in and staying. Unfortunately, rodent problems aren’t always easy to avoid, but some measures can be taken at home without contacting professionals.

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