At Horn Pest Management, we are the one-stop pest management professionals that will get and keep your home pest-free even in the challenging winter months. Pests are a frequent problem during the winter months. Even in the desert, it reaches freezing temperatures in the winter. Rodents get cold too and would love nothing more than to come on in and share your heat.


Squirrels commonly come into homes through chimneys, loose facia boards, and missing roof tiles. They will set up shop in attics, wall voids, and even air ducts. They are looking for a warm place to build a nest to escape the cold. Humane trapping, relocation, and sealing up entry points is the solution.

Rats and Mice

Both rats and mice are common problems during colder months. This is because they can easily wiggle their way into your home through spaces that many assume are too small. Some species of mice only require a hole the size of a dime to come into your home. Likewise, there are species of rats that only require an opening the size of a quarter. The best defense against pesky rodents is to make sure that you keep cracks and holes sealed. If there is a breach trapping and sealing entry points is the best approach.

Bats and Birds

There is nothing more frightening than seeing something fly through your home. Whether it be a bat or bird, there are several diseases that they can carry, and getting them out of your home can put you at risk. Many birds and all of our Fruit Bats are protected and it’s illegal to harm them. This doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them. There are many ways to remove birds and bats at no risk to them. These pests often come in through loose or missing chimney caps, facia boards, and bird boards.

Fleas and Ticks

Fleas most commonly come into the home on the backs of our best friends. As it gets colder many pet lovers that usually leave their pets outside will break their own rules and let that furball in. Uh oh, now the house has fleas. Pet bedding, rugs, furniture, and carpet are the typical places where fleas will hide when they are brought into the house. These areas need to be cleaned and treated with non-residual products that will not harm you or your buddy. A Proactive Approach is to treat the exterior where fleas and ticks commonly hang out.

Tips to Avoid Winter Pest Problems

Here are the top tips to ensure that your home remains pest-free this winter.

  • Call Horn Pest Management when you first suspect that you might have a pest issue.
  • Keep all storage in air-tight plastic totes and avoid storing in cardboard boxes.
  • Keep debris and garbage in trash bins that are sealed.
  • Do not have piles of waste or debris around your house.
  • Keep dead and rotting logs under control and burnt/cut down when possible.
  • Avoid having woodpiles that are not used regularly.
  • Regularly inspect your home for points of entry.

How to Keep Winter Pests Under Control

The service staff at Horn Pest Management are well trained to keep all winter pests under control. Our services are geared towards getting rid of the pests without using chemicals harmful to the environment. We offer a full guarantee and warranty with all of our pest removal services. We work with you to ensure that you do not have return visitors and work to guarantee that your home remains pest free for the months to come.

Here are some of the advantages of choosing Horn Pest Management for your pest control needs.

  • We offer a full warranty, so if you see pests, you can call us and have us come back for free to take care of the problem.
  • Our services are guaranteed to rid nasty pests from your life. We will make sure that you are not going to have to deal with pests again.
  • At Horn Pest Management, our staff is trained to take care of pests while ensuring that you and your family are safe.
  • We use environmentally friendly application methods and tools. We strive to have a low eco-footprint.
  • There are numerous options for plans that will fit your needs.

Keeping pests out of your home this winter is a straightforward goal when you have the experts at Horn Pest Management help you. We can guarantee that you will have pests under control and that your home will be pest-free.