Black Widow Spiders are one of the most notorious when it comes to poisonous insects. However, to most adults a bite from a Black Widow is not usually deadly as they inject a very small amount of venom. A Black Widow will bite in defense of her eggs or when she feels cornered.

Tips on how to avoid Black Widows

  • Always wear gloves when handling debris or materials like firewood.
  • Do not go outside barefoot.
  • Try to avoid letting clutter buildup in storage areas such as sheds or garages.
  • Frequently dust and vacuum around windows, corners of rooms, and under furniture.
  • Seal openings and install screens and door sweeps to prevent spiders along with any other unwanted pests from entering.
  • Trim weeds around the building foundation and clear of debris so as to prevent insects and spiders from living next to the structure.  
  • They can be distinguished by their red hourglass shape design on their back
  • Their egg sacs are white in color and about the same size as the spider themselves

Fun Fact: A Black Widow will eat the male widow after mating, giving the name “Widow”